U.S. Rail Freight Traffic $$

Summary of Rail Freight Traffic from Atlantic Systems Inc.

Data through September 19, 2009 — 37 W 2009

A weekly report of North American rail freight traffic by commodity.

Some improvement vs. 2008 in grains and chemicals.




    Clear message.

    More cars being shipped by rail.

    But a loss less cars being shipped?

    Perhaps the clunkers restocking has gone ‘clunk’!

    And grain shipments up at the end of summer.

    Well we’ll harvest that fact and put it in the silo!!

    Overall rail traffic down 18% on 2008 which was 4% down on 2007

    There seems to be a yoy increasingly downward spiral.

    Do you think this may be the sign of a depressing economy?

    It sure depresses the sxxt outa me!!

  2. Ozfromoz,
    I’m not confused about what the charts show, but FFA’s message stated:

    “our company has been moving autos by rail instead of road transport over the last year as it proves more economical. Others seem to have the same idea.

    I was wondering how it was obvious from the table that the others have the same idea (to ship by rail, not road), that’s all.

    Thank you both for commenting.

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