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I haven’t opened any positions this year yet. “Babysitting” these:

(: ) Apple, short via January puts

(: ) Bank of America, option straddle, neutral

(: ) Strategic Hotels & Resorts, long stock

(: ) Lloyd’s, long stock

(: ) S&P 500 SPDR ETF, short via March puts


Yet another “inflection point”. SPY and QQQQ closed at new highs today, so performance-anxious and technical buyers will probably come in. Still, how about a little pullback?

Those huge rising wedges look bearish, but as two potential head-and-shoulders patterns have been negated in the last few months, it can happen again. Patterns are made to be broken, I guess.

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(: )

(: )

(: )

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(: ) Apple

Price-MACD diverged some time ago, rising wedge seems to have broken down on increased volume.



Similar to the AAPL chart, there’s divergence on the MACD though less significant and a potential rising wedge (bearish reversal pattern).


Markets and tech performance is tied to the U.S. dollar which looks to be reversing to the upside, at least it did today.