Accidentally came across this forum on Amazon, people are discussing American-made apparel and shoes.

Are there any clothing manufactures left in the US? Any that aren’t farming work out to China. I’ve been looking around lately at shoes and purses and finding nothing that isn’t manufactured in China….

keep the list going. i’ve lost 2 jobs due to outsourcing and think i’m going to start only buying american made items.

I think the ‘assembled in America’ is funny-(NOT HA HA FUNNY) that means all materials are from ‘somewhere else’ I bought some 0000 grade steel wool at walmart-made in China! can you imagine, we aren’t capable of making freakin’ steel wool here??? Let’s keep looking and try not to support China when ever possible. Thanks for your comment I like SAS shoes, they are sooo comfortable.

I have decided that buying only made in America may not be possible– but perhaps we can start with not made in China.

…and so on.

Some retarded news to start off your weekend on a light note.

Pharma must be running out of patients, so think twice before investing into Eli Lilly (the maker of Prozac):

Prozac Increasingly Prescribed to Depressed Parrots and Other Pets
Prozac is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners and veterinarians as a way to treat depressed pets, a British veterinarian expert has told the BBC.

Source: Natural News