A potentially embarrassing admission: I went long (: ) on Thursday (via Nov ’11 options). Not sure why I was so impatient. Oh wait, I know. It was just a batshit crazy week, what with the Full Moon, meteor showers and other stellar formations.

Anyway. Don’t think I’ll regret it, even if I was early.

The night before I had a dream – SLW was around $36 and was up on the day, like 2%. I remember being very surprised in the dream that it was that high 🙂

Last trade: (: )

Ok, so no QE3? And does anyone truly think they won’t raise the debt ceiling? That would be the end of the world, no?

I recently found this song, and I think it’s quite appropriate for the Memorial Day weekend.

Vera Lynn, 92, is a popular British vocalist whose career flourished during World War II, when she was nicknamed “The Forces’ Sweetheart”. She is considered one of the major entertainers during World War II.

Music: “Farewell of Slavianka”, 1912 Russian March

Edited to add: I feel bad for not having honored May 9th, the day of victory over Nazi Germany, celebrated in the Eastern Bloc countries. So here’s an old Russian war-time march. My favorite! 🙂