Haven’t updated the blog for nearly two years. I think it’s a pretty confusing time in the financial history of the world, more so than usual. Don’t want to add to the noise and am merely observing the chaos. I bet there’s more to come.

With today being the pre-election week, watching the markets a little closer than I normally do these days.

Hope you’re making money out there in the circus.


You saw it here first and before it happened. It’s obvious though. Not an especially genius call. Are you positioned to capitalize on the correction?


I’ve never done anything for free, not willingly anyway. There were 2 times in my career when I didn’t get paid – $1,200 and $339. Yes, it stung, that’s why I still remember. And I’ve only received maybe a couple of requests to do something for free. To do it for less – quite often, but for free… meh, no. Still, they say it’s a common occurrence if you’re in a business that others don’t see as a business (probably because it looks like you have fun all the time, usually something creative).

If you’re considering doing your work for free, this infographic might help you decide whether you should.




Click to enlarge. Start in the middle.

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